Be part of the change!

Northfleet Big Local holds regular meetings throughout the year - where all residents are welcome to share their ideas or voice their opinions.

Our meeting times alternate between daytime and evening so that everyone gets a chance to come along. The dates of our meetings can be found on our Facebook page, on the posters you see around the area - or you can subscribe to our mailing list by contacting our Community Development team.

If you would like to have an informal chat about Big Local - perhaps to share your ideas, maybe just to find out a bit more - you are welcome to contact Keir or Jodie at their office or go along to one of their regular drop-in sessions.

How are decisions made?

On the 15th December 2011, Northfleet Big Local held its launch event at Ebbsfleet Football Ground. Since then we’ve been collecting peoples opinions, listening to people’s ideas, holding meetings and events, and carrying out surveys like “Mapping for Change” - where we asked what you thought needed changing and what needed improving. The areas that were identified led us to forming “focus groups” where residents interested in particular areas for improvement could have their say. These focus groups report to the whole group and are open to anyone.

Focus Groups

Northfleet Big Local currently has four focus groups in addition to the wider partnership. These groups are vital as they are made up of local people with particular interests or expertise. The focus groups are the engine rooms of our Big Local, providing ideas and solutions for their areas.

Young Peoples Voice This group provides a forum for issues affecting young people - from the lack of facilities or things to do after school to opportunities for the future. They run a Film Club and a Youth Club, the Kick Kent football school, the Beat Club music group and try to ensure that, whatever your age, there will be something for you in Northfleet North.

Environment The environment group was established to safeguard the green spaces and wildlife that Northfleet enjoys. The environment group also has responsibility for things like architectural heritage and preserving local history. They are currently researching the Portlands Building with a view to it being made a Community Hub.

Media & Marketing This group exists to promote the work of Northfleet Big Local and to help create events and make relationships that will spread our message throughout the community and beyond. If you have an interest in public relations, events organizing or journalism - or if you have a great idea for a community event, we’d love to hear from you.

Community Safety This group deals with all aspects of community safety - from flytipping and dog fouling to road crossings and police patrols. They are concerned with Northfleet becoming a safer and cleaner place, and discuss the issues with a wide range of council and authority organisations.

Of course, there are many more issues facing our community that do not fit neatly into these groups, and at the meetings you are free to discuss anything that is on your mind. Big Local is made up of ordinary people sharing their knowledge, or talking about their problems, and trying to find solutions; trying to find ways to make Northfleet North a better place for everyone. Come along and have your voice heard!